Expectations of a Bride in Pakistani society

Expectations of a Bride in Pakistani society

In Pakistan girls born with only on things in mind, that they will go to other home on day after marriage. Girls are very keen to play a game in their childhood (Godda and Gurya) the main theme of this game is, they style the Doll (Gurya, a name of girl toy) just like a bride and some one else will decorate the Dollies (Gudda, a name of boy toy ) like groom.

In this game girls used to manage a small weeding party with some food as well, this is the most enjoy able and remarkable game for every girl in Pakistani society. 

From their childhood to teenage girls are learning many things just because one day they will departs from home as bride. Brides have to learn cooking, sewing and many other things so, they can run their homes after marriage effectively and side by side girls are dreaming a wonderful life as well.

This is my first kind of article on this blog and I have collected some most common expectation of Brides from the new life.

1) The Loving and caring Husband: The very first wish of a bride could be the loving and caring husband, because a girl has left all here relatives behind to live with her husband and it is dream of every bride to chose a loving husband for her new life, if she is successful doing this, life will be full of happiness.

2) Good Family and Nice home: After deciding a good life partner for her life brides might thought about other family member and house. These two things are very important as well in life of a bride. As a bride she expect very good relationship with all members of family and a very good house.

3) Less domestic works and more enjoy:

Today's brides are not having the same thinking like their moms have in past. In past mothers used to train their daughters how to manage house and other very basic and domestic works. Now a days girls are usually well educated urban society, girls are might be keen in cooking but they are not much interested in other domestic works. So, as a bride girl always want to have enjoying and less work atmosphere.

4) Mother in Law's attitude: This might looks old thinking but it is valid reason in most of cases girls want to have good Mother in law as well. Disputes between bride and and mother in Law are very famous in our society and here comes the most difficult task for husband as well. This is the secret of happy life to keep balance between mother and wife relationship.

5) Luxury life style: We talk about the less domestic work before but luxury lifestyle is also on of the most preferred expectations of a bride. Luxury life style demands very comfortable and easy life may be a good vehicle, all range of electronic home appliances, well facilitated home, makeup accessories and well dressing any many things more. 

6) Privacy and separations: This is also most discussed issue in our society, brides expect some way for their personal life where no body can disturb and they can feel freedom. In some cases brides preferred to marry with a boy not having many family member or small family and brides are also avoiding from joint family system as well which is really painful moment for a groom.

I might not listed all correct expectations, but you can help me out via your feedback in comments please share your feedback after reading the post for further discussion or visit our Facebook page

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M. Husain (author)

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