10 tips for bride to understand in laws family in Pakistan

Its is said that, "marriage is not between a boy and girl, but it is between two families " and usually we do not understand why it is said until we got married. At that time we have really short time to understand the things, its time to face real life challenge. It is very necessary for a bride to understand her in-laws family for healthy relationship with her life partner.


Bridal expectations are very high before marriage and after marriage mostly girls have to face difficulties with their in-laws family matters.
Following are 10 tips to negotiate well with your in-laws.

  1. Understand the difference between your in-laws family and your own Family: You are now not part of your family, but a part of your in-laws family so, try to create balance between two family do not try to discriminate (or avoid favoritism).You in-laws family might be not caring like your own family, understand this it will help you to avoid from disheartening. Being a new member of family try to associate yourself with you in-laws family and create friendly relations with them.
  2. Understand your Hubby: Your husband is not a apple fallen from tree in to your hand, he is part of his family, who has spend his most of time with the family before marriage. Do not try to create boundaries between your husband and family but try to create feelings of love and care and realize the other members that he is also caring for them.
  3. Do not become friendly very quickly in early days of wedding: It looks not got advice but it works in many cases and helped the brides. Take your time to understand each family member and build your relationship stronger and stronger with the passage of time. 
  4. Try to avoid listening bad worlds against other member from any body else: In Pakistan it is habit of many people of talking wrong about others. This is really bad thing to do, if you once started following some one against some one it might be the most terrible moment of your life. In this situation try to involve your husband and make sure he know's every thing about you
  5. Feel your responsibilities and worked on it very timely: It's time to show your skills what you can do for your in-laws family try to participate in domestic task and help out others. If your husband or anybody else assign a role for you be timely and be perfect on it.
  6. Time management is key: Time management it key to success for any kind of job, you should also have to mange the time. It is happened with many brides, girls are used to of getting up late in the morning but, their in-laws family is used of getting up early in the morning. So, you have to good bye of your old habit and needs to build new habit of getting up early in the morning.
  7. Do not criticize but, accept criticized: This is very difficult things specially for girls, for a good relationship you have to follow the script. People might criticize you and you have no right of criticizing, is not the meaning at all but, again at your early days you have to bear this. 
  8. Involve your husband in your decisions: Try to take decision accordingly of your hubby and involve him in all kind of matters. 
  9. Avoid from disputes at any cost: You are not a judge of any body but you are being judged by everybody because you newcomer in this home. They might imposed a fighting situation to you or create a uncomfortable atmosphere for you share it you husband not in blaming way, but in way that you are seeking for help how to handle this situation.
  10. Speak polity and be very nicely: All tips are found to be difficult but these are very small things to do if you really want to build a happier and stronger relationship. Always chose words before speaking and response all member polity, it will help you make your personality loving.
This is all from my mind that I can feel are best tips you can share you thinking with me in comments.      
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