What mother in law expect from new bride?


What mother in law expect from new brideThe relationship between mother in law and bride is the most important issue when we talk about happiest families. This relation is the key for living happily specially in Pakistan and in other joint family systems. In Pakistan family is the main unit and symbol of strength, people live for their family and scarify for family. Family is identity and usually oldest women of family manage budget and other issues.

Mother in law (Mom of boy) has been managing all the activities since many years but, when a newcomer arrives and starts’ taking the control here come the conflict. A good bride always wants to have very good relationship with her mother in law. We have write down some expectations of mother in law from a bride.

  1. New Bride should show great respect for Mother in Law: Mother in expect great respect from bride (she might do not care of her respect in some cases) as she receives respect from her son. This is also tip for keeping your hubby happy and satisfied by showing respect for his mother.
  2. Mother in law wants to have loving bride for his son: The main responsibility of bride is to keep her life partner happy and made his life full of joy. This is also wish of Mother in law to see a bride taking care of his son and understanding his all needs.
  3. Domestic work machine: Mother in law want to see the brides participating domestic task not very early days of marriage but after some days of wedding. In most of cases mother in laws are more satisfied from bride when she is busy all the time in domestic work.
  4. New bride should know cooking very well: When a girl listen news of his wedding usually she start focusing on her cooking skills. Cooking is very effective way to win the hearts in laws family and especially of her husband. Mother in laws start search for a bride with this preferred demand girls should know cooking very well.
  5. Fewer visits to her mother home (Mecca): It is very difficult part of life for a bride to live without her mother in new location with strange peoples. At early days usually brides missing her family very much and want to visit her Mother home as soon as it possible even after recent visit. Mother in Law expects a bride should not visit Mecca at regular intervals but it should be after long time or after reasonable time.

I have listed following expectations of a bride especially for Pakistani society and not for all people of Pakistan and also not for all mothers in laws it might be difference. Let me know how you think about this topic in comments.

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